Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family and Everyday Life

It's been quite busy around here lately!

My sister (Amy's sis) and our niece, Elise, were here for 10 days from March 5 - 15. It was a lot of fun to have them here. Elise is growing so much and is a very busy little girl (and smart)! We had some good times with them here!

While they were here, we pulled away for a quick weekend in Ft. Worth for Cherie's (Rex's step-sister) wedding. Rex was the photographer and did an amazing job! We got to see some family there as well, including Joe and Katherine (Katherine is Rex's sister) and our other 2 nieces. It was short, but we enjoyed seeing everyone!

In other news, every Tuesday night we have Life Group at our house. We REALLY enjoy our group! They are such awesome people! This week we started going through Philippians and had a good discussion about Paul's life. It was refreshing!

Once a week, when the weather permits, I get up early and go to Garage Sales (or "shopping" as they call it) with a couple of friends. They are "teaching me" how to find great deals and I really enjoy it!! I have already gotten some really amazing summer dresses and shirts for cheap! It's always fun looking for great deals and hidden treasures!

Big news! After living in Texas for about 10 or so years, I finally got a pair of Cowboy Boots!! I love them! I guess I'm a real Texan now!

As far as our adoption goes, we're feeling a lot more hopeful about what's going in Ethiopia. We're sticking with the plan of applying to an agency this summer to get the ball rolling. I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged for a few days, but we're still hopeful and trusting that God has shown us we're heading the right direction with our adoption! Please keep praying for all of the orphans in Ethiopia and the people who are making the appropriate, necessary changes to protect and provide for these little ones. There are a lot of people involved to improve this system!

I'll have to have my amazing photographer husband take some pictures of some of the things I've sewn this year to post on here. I'm enjoying this new hobby (I just got my first sewing machine at Christmas).

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  1. <3!!!!!!! the boots!!! I am still holding out for a pair...wanting them pretty bad though :). Cant WAIT to see what you've sewn! I have ideas and fabric...just havent made it happen yet. I LOVE the dress you posted about!