Thursday, February 24, 2011

Patiently Getting Ready

I think I was born ready to have babies! When we got married, we said we would wait 1 or 2 years to have kids (I was thinking 1 year and Rex was thinking at least 2 years). Little did I know we would wait this long. May 28th will be our six year wedding anniversary. Am I sad or do I have regrets that we've waited this long? No way! I can't believe how much I've enjoyed having this time with just the two of us and I know our time without kiddos isn't over just yet! I need to make sure I take advantage of this time and enjoy my hubby! It's really important that I at least work on learning how to make my husband my first priority (after God) even once our family grows.

I am definitely looking forward to adding kids to our little family, but I'm thankful that after waiting all this time I still feel pretty peaceful about God's timeline (I'm not sure that I'll be able to say that everyday until we bring our first one home, but hey, I'm not perfect! Ha!).

We do have a few things to get in order before we'll even be sending off our application to our agency of choice. Hopefully, we'll be doing that sometime this summer(or Who knows, maybe sooner)!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting at the Beginning

This blog is about our little Albers Family. This is a glimpse of the journey following God where He leads.

We met in Texas in January of 2000. Rex came from Wyoming and I came from Michigan. We had a long friendship that progressed into a beautiful love story. We got married in May of 2005. We have really enjoyed life with just the two of us, but now we're ready to grow our little family.

We started talking about adoption before we even got married! We know that caring for orphans is God's heart and are so blessed that He shared that heart with us! We are honored that our family, friends and our church family are just as excited as we are! We definitely know that this process has it's ups and downs; but we're ready to follow God where He leads!

We will definitely share steps along our adoption journey on this blog, but it's really going to be about All-Things-Albers. Here are a few things we love that may also be discussed:

Thanks for reading!